Unlocking Sustainability and Inclusion in Research and Entrepreneurship

Through Innovation in Science and Technology.


Providing access to education, financial services, and other resources for marginalized and low-income communities, and by promoting transparency and accountability in government and business.


Promoting well-being for all by advancing medical and public health research, developing new treatments, and providing data and evidence to inform policies and programs that promote health and well-being.


Designing, developing, and implementing sustainable infrastructure, clean energy systems, and efficient technology, and by using data and simulation to optimize performance and minimize environmental impact.


Governance training for decentralized organizations following responsible investing, ESG and net-zero guidelines to further promote transparency, sustainability and social responsibility while offering financial benefits to members.

What we do

Our accelerator, training and labs programs are applied to the digitization of real assets, enhancement of education, advancement of health care, optimization of food supply chain and to the resolution of climate change. The Institute has partnered with Ready Player Exchange, Ready Player Infrastructure and Ready Player Ventures.

AI Robotics

Application of artificial intelligence to create business solutions through automated learning and improvements.


Research human-microbe interactions to prevent and treat disease, develop new technologies and improve our lives in general.


Digital data geographically spread across multiple sites, countries, or institutions.

Cloud Computing

Next gen net-zero carbon IT infrastructure to ensure data security, fast time-to-value and real-time 4D rendering.


Protection of data, networks, programs and devices from attacks or unauthorized access.

Extended Reality

Immersive and interactive technologies that merge the physical and virtual worlds.

Machine Vision

Autonomous systems providing image-based automatic inspection and analysis.

Organic Chemistry

Identification, isolation and synthesis of chemical building blocks for growth and other essential functions of life.

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To further promote DE&I in research and entrepreneurship in overlooked markets, Ready Player continuously seeks strategic partnerships with institutions offering college grants and international scholarships.

The Institute is also accepting donations and gifts to help accelerate the growth of its operations. To learn how your contributions help to shape a more sustainable and inclusive future for All, click HERE and book a meeting today.